Friday, 10 September 2010

eat play laugh ;);)

i think i need ;
"basic" "neat" "proper" thing
recently, im very attracted by proper cooking.
cutting ingredients in same sizes with sharp knife
scale flour and sugar accurately
shift flour
making things in order on clean cooking stage

every movement and behavior seems right
it looks like a sacred ceremony

my cooking is more south american mama style
so i started adoring...
i didnt scale ingredients for baking cake anymore
believed my instinct so much

and i found myself being very rough and random
so my life is...

it taste good in the end but
i can see "aggressive" "irritated" "i am anti neat" in my cooking
very homely and nice though....

need to discipline my style and life
to enjoying eating! playing! laughing! from my heart!

firstly, i decided to cook proper by following basic recipes.
i believe it is going to be equal to yoga or going to pray in sacred place.

thats what my voice telling me these days! ;)