Friday, 10 December 2010

new painting

i used to paint self-portrait when i was young
funny feeling to paint again
i somehow really wanted to paint with colours
in huge white blank paper
i had clear vision in my mind
stuck.. couldnt escape from that
i had to obey the direction
it have been like this sometimes
when i was young, i used to say
"i paint cause i can see it before i paint"
but its true...
havent painted for 18years (apart from some art work)
its totally different from before...
something better and mild than young days..;)
and more free
if i quit taking self-portrait photography for 18 years,
perhaps its going to be different style?
and accepted?
also, im going to be 54years old.
maybe right time for that!
people forget mentioning about
h**** and T*** S*** in japan,
and maybe they start saying about
C***S*** C*** C*** anyway!
probably, right time for people to talk about
my long long life stories....