Monday, 24 January 2011

murmuring murmurade

im feeling very calm after the stormy feeling days.
i tried to knock some doors but didnt open well.
and learned again that i should just wait the time.
the right moment will come.
when i was in central saint martin's fine art,
i fail with exam in writing. what tutor said was,
"you are too ambitious"

found twitter is better to watch what people are saying
than tweeting myself.
can not bear seeing my tweet-ment.

still not driving a car but im driving my legs.
my legs and body do not really kill somebody by accident
(maybe i do)
so its better this way.

it was snowing last night, and its already melting.
romantic night is over, and balding reality is sad.:)
they just turn to water and dust..
why white things are so dreamy about?
pure? pureness? purify?
shall i cover myself all in white?

some people might say
you are so boring!
but i dont care about it anymore.