Friday, 15 April 2011

pure heart-heart is a girl's best friend

suddenly, i was given a tiny heart from a 3 years old girl.
i was super happy, and thought it means something special going to happen.
however, 30min later, she run to me and said,
"where is the heart?"
so i gave it her back.
surprisingly,she gave it to another girl next to me.
somehow i got shocked and sad..
"oh,, didnt you give it to me?"
this girl next to me sensed about it, and
gave this tiny heart back to tiny pixie, and said,
"give it back to her"
she catch this heart shaped pink cut out paper, again she said,
"i give this heart to you"
so the heart came back to me.
i felt a bit guilty to get this heart back from the girl,
but i couldnt help it cause i thought some miracle had happened to me..:)
i send a lots of "♡"to you!