Sunday, 10 July 2011

i will be at tokyo art book fair

helloo. i will be at b booth at japan's first boys/boys zine ossu at zine's mate tokyo art book fair from 15th-18th(maybe17th) to sell ossu as contributor of the first issue!
we will sell ossu member's books! eiki mori,futoshi miyagi, hiroyuki takenouchi!
i will sell my books and maybe something else too.
"i am difficult to make"
"i hate photography!"
"fumiko imano1974-2004"
はろ〜。zine's mate tokyo art book fairにいます〜。issue no.1のコントリビュータとして参加している東京初の男の子/男の子zineのossuの販売をb boothでします!15日から18日(17日かも)
eiki moriとfutoshi miyagiと hiroyuki takenouchiの本も販売します!
also, you can see my books at Feminine; Artists’ Publications by Women in the U.S. and Japan at 1st floor!
一階のギャラリーでFeminine; Artists’ Publications by Women in the U.S.and Japanで本3冊も展示予定です。