Monday, 19 September 2011

bread bread bread

Photobucket it has been long time that i have not baked bread... it is because i have finished making the book"i am difficult to make", and also, my rule to record every bread whenever i make....making me sick..;0 again, like last year, i made a bread from fruits of bethamidia japonica. it was a mistake that i let dough stay longer than i thought cause i didnt think about the temperature was so got funny bitter taste, and did not swell perfectly.. it was ok though. maybe next time....nest time would be perfect! ;) (well.. i made nice one after this but i was lazy to take picture! XP) ずっと長い間酵母パンを焼いてなかった。その理由は、酵母パン本"i am difficult to make"を作ってしまった事と、毎回写真で記録に残すルールを自分でつくってしまったからものすごくイヤになっていたから。。去年みたいにやまぼうしの実が落ちはじめたから、久しぶりにパンを焼いてみた。あたたかかったのに膨れてからしばらく時間おいちゃったから苦い変な味のパンになっちゃった。おまけにあんまり膨らまなくって失敗。みかけはオッケーだったけど。。。失敗。。。また次回作るときはいいのできるはず!(実はもう作っちゃったんだけど写真さぼっちゃったXP)