Friday, 9 September 2011

tomato story

at my friend's prize party, i had beautifully red tasty tomato from buffet. so i follow my mum's way to keep seeds from this fruity red flesh. and then i seed them at home. it grew up big, and i got this result! it was yellow one! amazing! i think it is because they crossbreed red and yellow tomato to make new breed so that is why. but it is tasty tomato! so im super happy with this surprise!!! ;)) ともだちの授賞式のビュッフェで食べた赤い中玉のトマトがおいしくって、お母さんの真似をして種を持ち帰って植えたら大きく育って、黄色いトマトがなった!たぶん、赤いトマトと黄色いトマトをかけあわせた新種だったのだとおもう。でもね、ものすごく濃厚であまずっぱくておいしいの!だからうれしい!;))