Saturday, 30 July 2011

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i am a bit to late to put this link to my blog.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

its not me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

now, im preparing my solo exhibition "its not me!" at new accident in kanazawa!
well..its not me! but you will see me everywhere!i will show my work i have been taking since 1999! come and see me!
今金沢のnew accidentでの個展の準備をしています。its not me!だけど全部あたしです。1999年ころから撮って来た作品を見せます。近くに来る事があったらきてね!!!
its not me!-fumiko imano retrospective
6th August-4th September 2011(private view 6th August from 17pm)
at new accident

New Accident (Kanazawa)

920-0961 石川県金沢市香林坊2-10-1 3F


Wednesday - Sunday / 12:00pm - 08:00pm
Monday & Tuesday / Close
3F 2-10-1 Korinbo Kanazawa Ishikawa 920-0961
076-255-2473 / info(at)

Sunday, 10 July 2011

i will be at tokyo art book fair

helloo. i will be at b booth at japan's first boys/boys zine ossu at zine's mate tokyo art book fair from 15th-18th(maybe17th) to sell ossu as contributor of the first issue!
we will sell ossu member's books! eiki mori,futoshi miyagi, hiroyuki takenouchi!
i will sell my books and maybe something else too.
"i am difficult to make"
"i hate photography!"
"fumiko imano1974-2004"
はろ〜。zine's mate tokyo art book fairにいます〜。issue no.1のコントリビュータとして参加している東京初の男の子/男の子zineのossuの販売をb boothでします!15日から18日(17日かも)
eiki moriとfutoshi miyagiと hiroyuki takenouchiの本も販売します!
also, you can see my books at Feminine; Artists’ Publications by Women in the U.S. and Japan at 1st floor!
一階のギャラリーでFeminine; Artists’ Publications by Women in the U.S.and Japanで本3冊も展示予定です。

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

mini book article at girl houyhnhnm

article about my mini book(in japanese) at: