Thursday, 30 May 2013

plants and me 1998 london

plants and me, london battersea , circa 1998,age 24, with my favorite anemone

when i took this picture, i couldnt accept myself appearance
maybe time can make things soften...
even bitter taste in my mouth with too much ambition

植物とあたし、ロンドン バターシー、だいたい1998年、24歳、だいすきなアネモネと


plants and me at ebisu figue is ending soon on 2nd jun!
植物とあたしは6月2日までです〜 map

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

press book- roomservice- shueh jeng fang(jenny fax)

thank you jen jen♡ i get depressed easily but i should open this book everyday to know
there is somebody who cares about me and my works...;)
roomservice-asia fashion guidebook
jenny faxのjenjenがroomserviceのアジアファッションガイドブックに東京のすきなアーティストとして紹介してくれました。

Friday, 3 May 2013

bigger and bigger

my banana tree is getting bigger
to make it grow up more
i re-planted it to a deeper pot

to make myself grow up
lets make my vessel in my mind wider

to not let my roots tangled tighter...

and then...

wanna plant it in the earth gently
one day

one day

Wednesday, 1 May 2013

press book =korean magazine eroero

contributed 10 pages+interview for the korean magazine EROERO ero-zine 04 ;)
you can buy it here:
韓国のEROEROという雑誌に10ページ+インタビュー載りました ero-zine 04です。;)