Friday, 25 October 2013

shop at wall harajyuku laforet till 31st october♡

白黒のtシャツはmikio sakabeを着たあたしと犬の写真のプリントのコラボアイテムです。
カラーのプリントにペイントしたものはjenny faxをきた写真でコラボアイテムです。
selling these items at wall at laforet harajyuku in tokyo♡!
there are collaboration T-shirt with mikio sakabe and jenny fax available for this event

uwauwa song

its nothing but came from my heart ;) uwauwa

Thursday, 17 October 2013

by mikio sakabe and jenny fax

19日からmikio sakabeとjenny faxに紹介される企画の一弾目でfumiko imano
売ります! ラフォーレのwallにきてね♡

im presented by mikio sakabe and jenny fax to sell my goods at wall
la foret harajyuku in harajyuku from 19th to 31st october! if you are
in tokyo, come and see me on 19th from 19h-20h!!!♡

thank you mikiojenjen!!! and kyoko!!!xxx

Friday, 11 October 2013



i am a day time butterfly
i can not be
a night time butterfly

(and dont wanna be)