Saturday, 19 September 2015


fuck "fame"!
fuck you "fame"!!!!
fuck "underground"!!!!!!!
i just want you to be dead!

today/ hitachi/ 2015 + on the wall xeroxed and sewed bed bracket/ hitachi/ 2005

Thursday, 17 September 2015

takashi homma and twins

takashi homma and twins / 10th march 2014/ tokyo at his office
asked takashi to hold my book "I HATE PHOTOGRAPHY!",
and twins holding his books "JOY OF PHOTOGRAPHY"
(wooden deer on his head)
takashi homma and twins / 10th march 2014/ tokyo at his office
it was takashi's sudden idea to lay on the floor
after showing my works and talked for a while
i didn't know what to do but i try to pose to fit in
yoshitomo nara's white dog also joined to the portrait

by taking self portrait with a photography master
maybe i experienced the moment of"JOY of photography"
even i used to "HATE" it
i felt so.. maybe..yes, i think so...
love and hate
never be any case

上:takashi homma and twins / 10th march 2014/takashi先生のオフィスにて
あたしの本"i hate photography!"をtakashi先生に持ってもらって

下:takashi homma and twins / 10th march 2014/takashi先生のオフィスにて

thank you takashi 先生!!!


Wednesday, 9 September 2015

ARAKI with guerrilla twins FEB 2015

it seemed he didnt like the idea of "twins"when i showed my work
but he posed with me. thank you! ;) ;)
2nd feb 2015 at his exhibition in shimokitazawa tokyo

thank you araki!!!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

exhibition document: group exhibition " a lie about lie truth about truth" at little big man gallery LA

instalation view

film screening of reely truly by tyrone lebon (my part)

Q&A after screening with tyrone and mark ( photo given from minori)

im happy i could come to the opening, and had fun time in LA.thank you!!!

im making something about LA ;) ;)